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  Dressage Clinic with
Janeen Langowski Grava
of Topline Stables
Learn more about Janeen at

Equine Massage Demonstration
by Maria Duthie of Annisage
Learn more about Maria at

 (left)   Mary & Emma
Looking forward to the clinic!

(right)  Clinic Time!




Niki & Raina

Riding in the Clinic

(left)  Lunch Break!
Riders & Auditors with Janeen

Maria Duthie of
Annisage Animal Massage demonstrates
Equine Massage
on Emma for the
clinic participants

  Krista and Tex with Janeen            Niki and Ammant with Janeen          (L-R) Janeen, Margaret & Loreen Cobb
                                                                                                                                       riding Margaret's horse, Teddy

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